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ENCUENTRO de arte y creación ARTERIAL
23 y 24 de mayo en el Monumento de Castaño del Robledo
(P. N. Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Sierra de Huelva)

(Encuentro ARTERIAL info / Issue Programa)


Audiovisuales: María Cañas // Antonio Murga // Arte Ácaro // Miguel Ángel Concepción // Salva Walls // Rocío López Zarandieta // Asociación Lieva...

Videoinstalaciones: Miguel Ángel Concepción // Colectivo LacaDigital...

Instalaciones: Víctor Pulido // Wilgeforte // Celina Saubidet // Rafael Iglesias // Diego Mesa...

Música: Pablo Cook Sound System // Noïstron" // Mingo Balaguer & the Blues Intruders // LCDD (Los Caballos de Düsseldorf) // Voluble Djs (Voluble.net) // Gerhard Illi...

Discofórum: Musical Geographic Society...

Performance: Manuel Moya & Orchestra // Francisco Aliseda // Grupo Desecho // Mario Marín y Marcos Gualda...

Exposiciones: Manuel León // Manuel de los Reyes // Juanjo Manzano // Antonio Iglesias // Laura Jamieson-Black // Manuel Vázquez // Ángeles Santo Tomás // Miguel Ángel Concepción // Rocío López Zarandieta...


SÁBADO 23 DE MAYO [entre las 17:00h y las 20:00h]:

Mario Marín y Marcos Gualda: «Las Hostias del Padre Murphy» / Performance
Francisco Aliseda: «Ursonate» / Performance / Poesía Fonética
Manuel Moya & Orchestra / Recital musicado
Noïstron»: «Tozquiz» / Música

[entre las 20:00 y las 23:00h]

Francisco Aliseda: «Bombones fonéticos» / Performance / Poesía Fonética
Mario Marín y Marcos Gualda «Las Hostias del Padre Murphy» (2º pase) / Performance
Musical Geographic Society: «Las Fantaciencias Ocultas en la Música Popular del S.XX» / Discofórum
Gerhard Illi: «La Creación» / Música

[entre las 23:00 y las 02:00h]

Grupo Desecho: «Yo también soy descorazonador» / Performance
Mingo Balaguer & The Blues Intruders: «Going West» / Música
LCDD (Los Caballos de Düsseldorf) / Música
Voluble Djs / Música

DOMINGO 24 DE MAYO [entre las 12:00h y las 15:00]:

Subasta de Arte SOEZBY'S: Subasta de obras de artistas invitados a participar en la subasta cuyo precio de salida será de 5 euros la obra. Todas las obras han sido producidas espcecialmente para el Encuentro y podrás ver la muestra de lo que subastará el domingo durante el sábado, en el interior del Monumento. Obras de Irene Mala, Mario Jiménez, Arte Arappo, Seba Ventana, Celia Macías, José Orozco, María Coronada, Víctor García «Repo»...
Pablo Cook Sound System: El músico y productor de estrellas del Pop Pablo Cook animará la matinè del domingo con su Sound System / Música

Puertas abiertas al público hasta las 20:00h]

Es un proyecto en colaboración con: (INICIARTE)

Nos prestan ayuda humana y material:
Diputación de Huelva
, Ayuntamiento de Castaño del Robledo
Pájaro en Mano, Arte Arappo, Genia Informática
y Dinelec Montajes Eléctricos

Para más información, material gráfico adicional y gestión de entrevistas, no dudes en contactar con Olga Beca
Telegrama Comunicación: Proyectos Culturales

M. +34 620 81 05 19

Siguiendo la carretera de Sevilla hacia Portugal, pasado Aracena, hay una desviación hacia Fuenteheridos. Entrar por ese desvío y ya te indican cómo llegar al Castaño del Robledo.

Desde Huelva, salida Trigueros dirección Badajoz (N 435) hasta llegar a la aldea de Aguafría. Pasando Aguafría, a escasos kilómetros, hay una desviación a Castaño del Robledo (a la derecha). Toma ese desvío y en 5 minutos te plantas en el Monumento de Castaño.

Puedes escuchar el encuentro en directo todo el sabado y domingo en este link


to listen live hit link above!

English version

23rd & 24th May 2009

This event and hopefully it’s the first many, is a full programme of performances and exhibits brought to you by ‘ARTERIAL. An arts publication that over the past year and a half has, between its pages given you the low down on the eclectic artists of all art forms, who; live, work or visit the Sierra Aracena. The weekend is a live embodiment of all those who use this wonderful part of Andalucía as their inspiration. We have by no means finished highlighting all the Artists and creative individual that reside here, but we thought we had done enough telling you about them and their art, and that now was a good time to bring their art to you Live!

Over the two day’s an uncompleted Cathedral, will be a focal point for a very contemporary and completely ‘FREE’ art experience, the old eighteenth century cathedral, was built on the site of a sixteenth century temple. It is well positioned in ‘Castaño Del Robledo’. A village of less than two hundred permanent residents situated in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and the Pico’s de Aroche, in the province of Huelva. Not only does this building with it’s grand frontage intimidate but it also has a very dark and chequered history. But in the future with the support of various groups it has the possibility of becoming a focal point, for the cultural life of the village and the Sierra as a whole, hopefully giving it a new and positive lease of life.

There will be a full bar and the restaurants and amenities of the village are all within five minutes walking distance. For more information arterialaracena@yahoo.es

Saturday 23rd May

12:00 -14.00. Opening and press presentation: Of ARTERIAL magazine with screening of selected audio-visual pieces.

17:00 -20:00

CLUB VEHÍCULOS CLÁSICOS SIERRA DE ARACENA. There will be a Rally meeting of Classic Cars and Motor bikes, for those who love their vehicles and think that Motors are works of Art!

MARIO MARIN AND MARKS GUALDA: “Las Hostias del Padre Murphy” (’The wafers of Father Murphy’) Part 1: A performance piece.

Hostia’ in Spanish has two meanings. 1) The confessional wafer. 2) A vulgar expression of surprise. All mixed up with the Spanish expression for ‘Sod’s Law’ or Murphy’s Law’ this is an event to make you laugh and possibly a religious cringe or two.

FRANCISCO ALISEDA: Poesía Fonética (‘Phonetic poetry’) Part 1: Director of the C.P.V., (Visual Poetry Centre) of Spain. The acoustics of the building should make this a rum old time of reverberation!

MANUEL MOYA & ORCHESTRA ‘Recital musicado’ (A Musical Recital) This well known Local writer and Poet brings his latest musical collaberation to the event.

NOÏSTRON”, will release their work “TÖZQUIZ” This experimental collective will push the boundaries of sight and sound, with their own voyage beyond, again using the building as an integral part of their performance.


FRANCISCO ALISEDA Poesía Fonética (‘Phonetic poetry’) Part 2:

GERHARD ILLI, “THE CREATION” Using drums and various electronic triggers as his vehicle, this creator of sound, will perform this, his most recent piece, from his ongoing project ‘From Illinoise with Love’. A celebration to the joy of life, in several movements, will be having its premiere here in the Monument as part of this ‘Arterials’ Love of Art weekend. This long time resident of Castaño Del Robledo has a very special relationship with the monument, and within it finds inspiration and passion as well as a perfect place to perform.

MARIO MARIN AND MARKS GUALDA: “Las Hostias del Padre Murphy” (’The wafers of Father Murphy’) Part 2:

MUSICAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, “Las Fantaciencias Ocultas en la Música Popular del s.XX” The occult fantasy’s within Pop music of the 20th Century. A disco-forum. Founded in 2006 this society is responsible for cataloguing and preserving some fantastic music. Tonight, with a monster mash-up or two, you will be taken on a journey that may make you loose your head, but your feet are sure to want to dance.


GROUPO DESECHO “yo también soy descorazonador” (“I am also Heartless”) Performance. Featured in our very first magazine this visually confrontational performance, who have a surprise or two in store for us, this is not, it must be said for the faint hearted!


Mingo Balaguer has been playing blues harmonica since the age of eleven, he was one of the founder members of “Caledonia Blues Band” whom released five albums, in the late eighties to the mid nineties. He has now realised one of his dreams and once he decided to lead a band as a singer, he called some old-time friends. Quique Bonal on guitar, Fernando Torres on bass and Juan Oliva on drums are his colleagues in this new project. As before, the band tackles many different blues styles – electric Chicago blues, Texas blues, jump and swing and West Coast blues. This man is the Spanish Harp man! They will perform his new release GOING WEST… Power blues!

LCDD (LOS CABALLOS DE DÜSSELDORF) (Music) A unique opportunity to see these monsters of underground Madrilenian electro-experimental, with its electronic devices or DOO RAGS: which are home-made instruments created out of electronic circuits, from reclaimed from toys.

VOLUBLE DJs (ZEMOS 98/VOLUBLE.NET) are preparing a full audio-visual catastrophe of medical advice. An audio-visual feast, from one of the key elements of Zemos98, who, will bring the evening’s entertainment to an end.

Sunday 24th May

12:00 to 20:00 h. A chance to view all the audio-visual and work’s of art on display, and preview items entered into the SOEZBY'S Art auction, or look at the classic Cars of CLUB VEHÍCULOS CLÁSICOS SIERRA DE ARACENA.

13:00 “SOEZBY'S” Art Auction, with work of artists invited to the event (starting price just 5 Euros, unless stated otherwise).

Sunday’s musical entertainment is brought to you by PABLO COOK, who will be your musical maestro with a selection of his favourite tunes. Pablo, who has been a resident in Castaño Del Robledo, for the past four years, following many years of touring and playing with some of the worlds leading recording artists,

The works of the following Artists will be on display:

Most of the artists have links so peruse them at your leisure or you can read more about them in Spanish on the ‘ARTERIAL’ web Blog.




Salva Walls


Antonio Murga

Asociación Lieva




Rafael Iglesias

Víctor Pulido

Manuel León

Rocío López Zarandieta

Manuel de los Reyes


Ángeles Santo Tomás

Juanjo Manzano

Laura Jamieson-Black

Manuel Vázquez

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